TIP XX: Guild second part

Time: 2020-09-30 06:57

With the contributions, you will be able to use them in two ways: 

- in the guild store (guild shop and guild benefit) 

- in guild skills 

I) The guild store 

1. Guild Shop

In the shop, you will find the basic objects for the evolution of your characters, your gems, special objects for certain functions (Orb of perception, original stone and psychic elixir) 


2. Guild Benefit 

You will also find items depending on the level of your guild (skins, items to refine or gems, characters and titles). This section renews its stock every 24 hours.


II) Guild skill

With the contributions, you will be able to add additional stats to all your characters (Attack, Speed, Defense, HP, Dodge, Crit, Hit, Res). 

The cost of these upgrades is 200 contributions per upgrade and the maximum level of each skill is 150.

Here the link to the discord: https://discord.gg/cZNdapx

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