TIP XXI: Guild - Last part

Time: 2020-10-02 06:43

I) Guild Guard

  1. Circle

Complete daily missions to gain the experience needed to evolve your Guild Spirit Beast and earn additional stats (HP, ATK, DEF).


  1. Daily reward

By completing the daily activities, you will earn coupons, chakra elixir and contributions.

The chakra elixir can be used by going to the main character and then Chakra.


II) Guild Map 

  1. Quests 

You will have to complete two styles of quests: 

- 30 Monsters to Fight 

- 30 guild collections

Once the quest is finished you will get a green chakra (which can be used to make donations for the guild) and contributions.

  1. Guild exchange

At each fight or collection, you will also get items that you can exchange for packs. You can buy 1 pack of each at each upgrade or use gold to upgrade (20 attempts max).

III) Toast

You can spend money, gold or coupons to participate in the smooth running of the guild.

Here are the earnings per investment: 

Feather wine (20,000 silver): 20 guild funds + 100 toast points

Shoshu ( 2888 gold ) : 1000 guild background + 888 toast points

Sake (480 coupons) : 500 guild background + 500 toast points

The toast points can be accumulated by all participants of the guide and obtain chests that contain: 

- 1st box: 50 contributions

- 2nd box: 800 coupons

- 3rd box: 200 contributions


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