Crazy Naruto Notice Guide

Time: 2019-10-23 02:43

= =Character

Equip your gears, upgrade your skill, Tailed Beasts, Susanoo, Eight Gates, Genjutsu and other features here. You can also activate transformation and title here. Mythic Gear Shards can combine into Ult Gear to increase BP dramatically. Remember to click on Upgrade to level up when you have enough EXP.





You can enhance your gears by using Silvers, and refine your gears by using Tempering Stone; Enchant your gears by using Forging Stone, and inlay Gem by using Gem Essence.





You can upgrade partners by using Silvers and Partner Advancing Orb; Activating Bond can increase BP.  Collect partners from free rewards and other events. Deploy your powerful partner to battle!





You can upgrade Akatsuki members by using Silvers and Akatsuki Advancing Orb. Collect Shards to Star-up Akatsuki member to gain more stats bonus.




You can upgrade Kaguya by using Silvers and Kaguya Advancing Orb. Refine or Advanced Refine to change Artifacts stats.




You can buy what you need here.





You can upgrade Totem by using Silvers and Totem Upgrade Orb to obtain Stats bonus here.





You will see many functions here.

Spend less money to buy what you want during the event, and you can get rebate by investing required Gold in Investment Plan event.

In unique system like Marriage and Mentoring, you can get lots of happiness.

You can claim abundant rewards in Benefits Lobby, you can also fight the bosses, join cross-server events, challenge in Arena, join the Guild to fight together, etc.


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