Server Merging Announcement on 17th Nov.

Time: 2020-11-17 00:39

Dear all players,
We will merge servers on Nov.17 at 2:30 Server Time, it will last about 3 hours and the time might be delayed or end early depending on actual situations. 

Merging Details:
S325 to S328 will be merged into 1,
S329 to S332 will be merged into 1,
S333 to S336 will be merged into 1,
S337 to S340 will be merged into 1,
S341 to S344 will be merged into 1,
S345 to S348 will be merged into 1.

Merging Rules:
1. Characters lower than level 120, and never topped-up, will be cleared;
2. Server-merging events will be launched after the maintenance;
3. All Cross-server events will be reset (Nindo, Strongest King, etc);
4. If players have 2 or more characters in one account, you can still login game by choosing the server.

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