New function: Sage Mode

Time: 2021-03-12 05:30

Collect cards from Naruto, Hachirama, Jiraya and Kabuto to unlock additional stats on all Features. They will be available in Events.

The stats earned are : 

- HP

- Magic Attack

- Magic Defense

To improve the techniques of the Body, it will be necessary to unlock the characters first.  

I ) Wonderland

Do 4 fights per day, in order to get items and Fragments of Naruto to improve the Wise Mode Function. You also have the possibility to spend gold to reset the dungeon and thus to repeat the fights, the higher your VIP is, the more you will be able to reset the dungeon. 

The items that you can get:

- Advanced Orbs Sage 

- Phantom gravel 

- Stone of improvement of feeling 

- Deity wood: allows increasing the sensation 

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