S9 The 9th Region of Crazy Naruto Hot Launch On Oct 29th

Time: 2019-10-29 03:07

‘Crazy Naruto’ is an RPG H5 game that focuses on the collection and growth of instance battles while on the go. It is a 100% display of Naruto, and its classic storyline and characters can be associated with all players.


Crazy Naruto ‘s 9th server will be launched at 3:00 am (EDT) on October 29 (Tuesday) and will also host a variety of great value events.


We are here to welcome you into this amazing Crazy Naruto world!



Click Here to Play Game Now: https://pc-naruto.uninja.me/

Click Here to view Server Launch Events: https://pc-naruto.uninja.me/

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Join us in Discord:https://discord.gg/rT3t8QR





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