Server Merging on May 26

Time: 2021-05-26 02:32


Dear all players,
We will merge servers on May 26 at 4 AM (GMT-4, game time), it will last about 2 hours and the time might be delayed or end early depending on actual situations. 

Merging Details:
205-216 will be merged into 1,
217-228 will be merged into 1,
229-240 will be merged into 1.

Merging Rules:
1. Characters lower than level 120, and never topped-up, will be cleared;
2. Server-merging events will be launched after the maintenance;
3. All Cross-server events will be reset (Nindo, Strongest King, etc);
4. If players have 2 or more characters in one account, you can still login game by choosing the server.

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